What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing in simple words is marketing through electronic modes with internet connectivity. To understand the scope of digital marketing we need to learn about the magic of the Internet. According to the leading data website, Statista, 4.57 billion people in the world are using the Internet that equals 59% of the world population. The numbers for social media users stand at 3.6 billion, which is 49% of the world population. One can easily understand the kind of impact the internet alone is making on the choice of more than half of the population of this planet.

Digital marketing is all about investing in a marketing strategy that can take you to this community of 4.57 billion and through these mediums you can reach out to anyone anywhere.  To put it in more fashionable terms, it is about marking the presence of your business in the online world. It empowers you to expand your business exponentially

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, digital marketing has become a life-saving bait for a lot of businesses. Offline methods of marketing have just been thrown out of fashion by the novel COVID’19. We can understand that with the help of some data regarding how much time a person spends on his or her phone. According to a report in 2019 in The Guardian, a person spends nearly three hours and thirty minutes on his/her phone per day on an average. Now, this blew my mind at least so I checked my screen time and it just shocked me. I have spent fifteen hours and twenty-nine minutes on my phone in the last twenty-four hours. After spending more than half of my day with my phone I checked my most used apps and the list was filled with social media apps like- Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. For even sourcing my daily news I use digital media platforms. Think about how much exposure I get to the online content. And I am literally not exposed to any offline content. This is the reason for offline marketing methods being outbid.

Let’s take the example of Live Demonstrations for an instance, it is one of the most known methods of marketing, now we all have witnessed the period of the worst hitting pandemic ever which has put the whole world in a lockdown situation. People in the post COVID world have to get used to the new normal of Social Distancing, always wear protective gear, and move out as less as you can. This definitely means live demonstrations are now a part of history, who would want an unknown person to come and give a live demonstration at their house, at least my common sense says I won’t. Even the idea of print ads, Billboards, and Guerilla marketing seems not too effective as not many people will be present in public places. Imagine in a post COVID’19 world or any other unforeseen situation like this, if one gets a provision of reaching people while sitting at home with the help of any internet-enabled device, who wouldn’t like to take it?


 All you need is a quick loading website, a well-functioning e-commerce portal, and good content to go digital. This sounds easy but we all know marketing has never been an easy job, it revolves around the idea of being able to make the right pitch at the right place. When we talk about Digital marketing it adds a step more to it, not only you need to make the right pitch at the right place but also through the right method. Digital marketing is all about techniques to enhance your reach in the online world. We already know how many people have the internet and how many of them use social media, now let’s understand this dynamic of building a relationship with the customer with help of these platforms in a more sustainable way.

Let’s look at three different techniques or methods involved in improvising digital marketing.

1. SEO

SEO. One big term doing the rounds these days is SEO. So what is this SEO or Search Engine Optimization that everybody is talking about? We all know what a search engine means and what are its functions, but why is there an optimization attached to it and what does it do? It is quite easy to understand this term and its function as a whole, we all know the meaning of optimization, it means to put something to its best use.

So we can easily define SEO as getting the best search engine result page (SERP). SERP is based on a combination of paid plus organic search queries, by organic, it means on the basis of the viewership of one page. But how does it help in marketing? The answer is easy, if I own a clothing business then I would like to feature on the first page of search results and on the top of the list each time someone searches for clothes. This SEO technique is exactly what will help the location (page/rank) of my website in the search results.

2. Content Marketing

Content is an essential part of Digital Marketing. All the techniques to improve your digital reach revolves around Content. It is through content that you cognize people about your brand and its services. From Social Media campaigns, advertisements, and posts to the description you provide on your website, it is all about content. The efficiency or potential of the content decides the kind of reach it will get for your brand.


Content that is easy to understand, informative, and uses SEO keywords in order to get the best SERP is good content. Content is key to engage with the right audience. We live in a content craving world. It is about giving the right pitch with wise words. Good content for the audience should be like nectar to honeybees, can’t do without it. A content marketing strategy leads your way.

3. Social media optimization (SMO)

Social media optimization (SMO) is again a term that has a lot to do with Search engine optimization, they are similar from the aspect of motive but at the same time, they differ from each other in terms of results.


SMO is utilizing social media to its best advantage in order to reach the right community of customers and promote your products and services. Social media optimization is a means to grow your business through your social media network, it enhances your social media marketing (SMM).


SMO is the most useful way to generate new leads and grow your customer base. SEO, on the other hand, aims at increasing the visibility of your website or e-commerce portal. Now we already know the kind of reach social media provides through its high range of features like ads, posts, stories, etc. All it needs is channelizing to get the best outcome for your business.

The digital economy as a whole has been growing at a rapid pace. As per some of the reports, business organizations that have been functioning online can make twice their profits in the coming days. If you are an entrepreneur looking for better growth opportunities for your business, then this is the time for you to invest in digital marketing for your brand. It is the most effective and sustainable way to grow your business in the long run because- Digital Marketing can act as a differentiator to an organization’s bottom line!


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