Importance of websites in today’s digital environment

Website is a smart way of advertising your business, much more economical and makes you available online for 24*7. For a business’ growth, it is vital to have a good brand image, have customers’ faith, be customer oriented and have good outreach. A website facilitates all these things required for your business’ successful digital journey, making it a must have resource.


While there are many types of websites, they can be categorized into the following three broad categories:

A static website has fixed content which is delivered to the user’s page as it was stored. A static website doesn’t involve any web programming or database designing, each web page coded in HTML. Static websites provide the same information to all the visitors. This is the most cost effective means of publishing your information for wider outreach.


Some popular static websites from users perspective include: popular blogs & recipe sites besides others. The focus of such sites is in sharing of information.

Transactional Website

Transactional websites enable users to perform transactions like retail purchases, online banking, tax payment and others. These websites respond to users actions and may save users information/ other information as provided by the user. 


Some popular transactional websites include:,,

A website that facilitates online selling and buying of goods and services is an e-commerce website. This conduct involves exchange of data and money. It is like an online store.


Examples –,,


Popular website builders: WordPress, Shopify, Wix, GoDaddy.