Content development

Make your content awesome.

Your content determines the success of your digital marketing strategy. From attracting new customers to retaining existing ones, content holds the key!

Our Services

We provide high-quality, 100% original content for: customized content, including:

  • Blogs and articles
  • Revamping existing content
  • Proofreading / copyediting
  • Website content authoring


In addition, we can support your content strategy for an e-Commerce website including authoring of product descriptions.

Our beliefs

100% original

Plagiarized content or content lifted from other sources is a sure shot way to kill a brand. It even hurts the brand’s SEO aspirations.


At G3, we do not deal with low quality or replicas. All content products shipped out undergo a plagiarism check on licensed, premium software.


Each brand needs its own content. The content must look like a direct, in-person message from the brand to the customers.


We know how to make the content come alive and make it look like it came from a human, not a brand.


All writeups must provide some value to readers. If there is no benefit in reading a piece, it will get lost soon.


We take the time to research all the information upfront. We spend our energies in figuring out the ‘why should a customer read this’ part of the puzzle.

Error Free

Making mistakes is not acceptable. These days, customers tend to expect the best quality from the businesses. It’s often assumed that if a business does not care about its Website, it won’t care about the customers.


At G3 Logix, we have experienced writers who ensure that the product stays top quality. Additionally, we use premium grammar software to keep our output as close to error-free as possible.

SEO Friendly

The more the content is engaging, the more the SEO strategy works. SEO and content must go hand-in-hand! One of the key strategies under the umbrella of SEO is to use keywords. It’s the keywords that drive potential customers to your Website.


We know how to put keywords into the writeups smoothly. Trust us to make it look natural!

Audience centric

The content must consider the reader expected to read it. You cannot write youth lingo for the elderly and vice versa.


We have spent over 15 years writing custom content. We know our audience and what clicks with them!

We work with you to make your content awesome!