Home Projects

eCommerce projects

Premium food Supplier

A leading UK based premium food supplier.

Sports Garments

A leading sports garment manufacturer in India.


Under development project for online food in india.

WordPress websites


Law firm that specializes in Real Estate transactions in Mexico

Nanofil Technologies

A leading plastic compound manufacturer.

Miracle Masterbatches

A leading plastic Masterbatch manufacturer in Taiwan

Other technology

Transport & Logistics

A leading transport and logistics service provider based out of India.

Puri Constructions

A popular real estate builder based out of India.

CCTV Security

Leading CCTV and security device installer.

Radgo Supply Chain

Leading supply chain partner based out of India.

Fashion Industry

Shobika Bhandari is the leading designer. 

JMD Homes

A well known real estate construction company in India.