Digital Marketing

Marketing through any electronic modes with internet connectivity to reach the right consumers is digital marketing. To target the purposeful audience, techniques like SEO, SMO, PPC, DR and PR are used. All these techniques effectively generate leads and improve the reach amongst the target audience. Here are additional details around these techniques.

Top 5 Key Components

1. Search Engine Optimization - SEO

The process of maximising the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned on a search engine. A technique that improves your search page ranking.

Which search engine should you choose to get SEO for, is a question of concern. Here are some facts to solve the query. One must always consider the fact regarding which platform has the most user share in the market. Top search engines with their user share-
Google- 92.17%
Bing- 2.78%
Yahoo- 1.6%

2. Social Media Optimization - SMO

The use of Social Media Networks to grow your online presence in order to cognize the audience about your products and services. Sharing and caring strategy.


It is like a bridge between your customer and business in the online world.

3. Pay Per Click - PPC

An advertising technique used in the internet economy wherein, an advertiser is liable to pay money to the publisher for the advertisement whenever a user clicks on the ad and lands on the advertiser’s website.This internet marketing strategy is used for attracting purposeful traffic to a website.

Social Media platforms and Search engines offer such ad spaces for their users which are instrumental for digital marketing strategies. Popular platforms for PPC- Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok and many others.

4. Domain Rating - DR

Domain rating is a metric developed by Ahrefs, which is used for measuring a website’s backlink profile strength in terms of its quality and size.

DR is significant for understanding the dynamics of digital marketing strategies in terms of performance.

5. PageRank - PR

PageRank is a systematic measure used by Google in the listing of search page results. The placement of a link in the search results depends on the number and quality of links that site to a website’s pages.

PageRank is named after Google’s co-founder Larry Page.

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