About Us

Recognized as an organization which is known for its customer service.

Mission statement

We strive to ensure that our customer gets the best customer service and quality output to be able to compete effectively in the market.

Vision statement

To become a one-stop-shop for our customers for everything digital (Digital Marketing, Content authoring, Web Development / Maintenance).

To be recognized as an organization which is known for its customer service

Who we are?

G3 Logix, at its core, is a team comprised of passionate individuals who have made a mission to compete in very crowded Digital Marketing space through the provision of excellent customer service. 

Why G3 Logix?

We carry in-house technical expertise in setting up websites (e-commerce, transactional, and static), content development, and have an in-depth understanding of popular digital marketing techniques (from SEO to ad-campaign management). Our core team members have working experience with fortune 500 companies in India and the US.