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People are not able to get Domain Secret Code, EPP Code, or Domain authorization code from Net4 India. Even nowadays their websites and emails also stopped working!


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    Net 4 India closed?

    how get epp code

    Net4India Ltd was considered as the largest domain registrar in India that has accreditation with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has shockingly become inaccessible.


    The company has not been answering any queries, calls, messages, emails of the clients. Nor is the company rolling out any information from their behalf, of the current situation. As per the sources, the company is facing a tremendous number of financial difficulties, and their move to go out of the reach, and left clients and their domain getting into losses.


    Net4 clients have been facing excessive difficulties, especially the authorization code without which the clients cannot register accept any other requests. Moreover, clients are not able to renew the domains, and also a few of them have also expired over time.


    Even after the efforts of trying to transfer the domain to the other registrar, but they are facing difficulties to get the authorization code. All the emails that were registered with Net4 India are also slowly getting shut down without any prior notice.

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