Web Development Texas

Web Development Austin, Houston, Dallas

There are several web design and development companies in Texas. The major ones are in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth besides other places.  One is spoiled for choices when there is an abundance of companies available to choose from. Making the choice for the right firm is also not an easy task – clearly, there are multiple companies that can do the job – no matter what anyone says, no single company is the best (and unfortunately, no single company is the worst).

From our experience, we recommend you do the following when finding the right fit:
  1. Prior experience
  2. Broad technology experience 
  3. Setup to support post go-live
  4. Availability of individuals to speak over the phone at your convenient time
  5. Focus on your objectives rather than their expertise
  6. Ability/ willingness to provide end to end solution
  7. Success based payment models
  8. Upfront clarity on charges
  9. Understand not only the build cost but also the Run cost (supporting your application once it has gone live)
  10. Talk to their customers (do not be lazy) to understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses
At G3Logix, we have alumni of Microsoft / IBM leading the charge having delivered 50+ projects for global customers. Few of our projects include:

    Our expertise includes delivering applications on popular platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and plain old HTML. We provide end to end solutions right from helping you choose the right domain, domain hosting provider, to building/ supporting the website and Digital Marketing.

    For Digital Marketing, we partner with popular platforms such as Google (Adwords & SEO), Facebook, and Instagram.

    Our clients call us the most affordable and the best companies to work with for web designing and digital marketing in the Houston, Austin, Dallas area.


    Our specialization includes the use of proprietary & open source products and technologies.

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